Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I make no claim to any special psychic or healing gifts, but I have been practising these forms of healing for over twenty years and can affirm that they work. The first hands-on treatment I did was on a friend who had MS. She lent me a book on spiritual healing and I did my first treatment on her. The next day, she looked and felt better; thereafter, she always felt better for having a weekly treatment. She would have been better still if she had persisted with the treatments in the long run, but we drifted apart.

Another beneficiary was a nurse who had had hepatitis some time before and still felt rundown. Tests showed that her liver was not normal. She too felt better after the first treatment and continued to feel better. After a series of treatments, she had her liver tested again and it was back to normal.

By now I have done hundreds of hands-on treatments and I know they can be effective with a range of physical problems, and especially with pain. It usually takes a series of treatments to get the best results, so no-one should approach this kind of healing expecting to get the desired result from only one treatment. The best approach is to settle down to it and regard it as a long-term therapy. Naturally, you can also complement the hands-on treatments with the various healing meditations described on the other pages. I can advise you on how to use these methods, which are often more important than the hands-on treatments.

I work in Sydney. If you live around Sydney and would like a series of treatments, email me at:

Treatments are free.

If you don't live around Sydney,  you can try doing a Google search for spiritual healers in your area. "Spiritual healing" can mean all things to all people, of course, so you never know what you might find. There are plenty of people who do work on auras and chakras, which may work on auras and chakras but is not likely to affect physical illnesses. For the latter, Reiki is probably better. Spiritualist churches are usually big on healing, but the problem is finding someone who will do full-length treatments. Ten minutes is not enough.




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