Tuesday, March 14, 2017


My total experience and intuition have convinced me that golden light is the healing meditation. Some clairvoyants have linked golden light with unconditional love and our link with divinity, and certainly my own experience has left me in no doubt that golden light represents the higher spiritual levels. Many healers like to work with different colours, but golden light takes the healing to a higher level. Swami Chidvilasananda, leader of Siddha Yoga, has said, "The threshold of reality is bathed in golden light."
The visualisation itself consists simply of visualising golden light coming down from the heavens and going into you or the patient. To a large extent, allow the light to develop its own shape. It may become a broad beam covering the whole body, or it may concentrate on the area being treated. Allow it to do this, but keep it golden. I have sometimes found it takes on the appearance of rain or a waterfall. Sometimes the light may even take on the form of a human being.
To use golden light for self-healing, sit or lay down, possibly with relaxing music on as long as it is not distracting. Visualise the heavens opening up and a beam of golden light pouring down on you. You can give healing to specific parts of the body if you have any particular physical problems, or you can direct the light to your chakras (energy centres in the body; see Mind Power for more information). Visualise the light  going to each chakra one by one, starting with the crown chakra and working down to the base chakra. How long you spend on each chakra is largely a matter of intuition; in other words, do what feels right.
Sometimes this kind of healing can come of its own accord and take unexpected forms. As an example, I was in bed one night, still awake, when the idea of golden light suddenly popped into my head from nowhere. I took the hint and began to visualise a beam of golden light in front of me. It gradually moved closer to me until it came to my head. It then changed shape and began to look like a cap or lid as it moved up to my crown chakra. It fitted itself on top of the crown chakra like a cap and then slowly sank down through my body until it stopped at the base chakra. It stayed at the base chakra for some time, then turned into a purer, finer golden tone. This finer gold remained at the base chakra until I felt too tired to continue the visualisation.
It happened that, about a week before, a spiritual healer had said that I had a blockage in the base chakra. Apparently, then, the session with the golden light was aimed at clearing the blockage. The whole session was quite unplanned and unexpected.
As another example, there was a more planned session that came about because I had managed to do some damage to my heart chakra due to a whole host of factors. One day I decided to do some healing on the chakra, so I lay down and visualised golden light going into the chakra. Within a minute or two, the beam turned into a green light without any prompting on my part and then into a kind of green mist that poured down and spread over the chakra. The mist took on the most beautiful, rich green colouring imaginable and became as dense as a London fog. After a few minutes of this, the green fog cleared and revealed an image of my chest opened up as if for surgery. This image then gave way to vague but complex images conveying an impression of great activity talking place around the heart chakra. The impression created was like that of a team of surgeons at work. Eventually this gave way to an image of my chest in more or less normal condition, but raised slightly in the middle, like a pimple. This gave the impression that the chakra was more or less back to normal, although some healing remained to be done. The entire session had taken about twenty minutes.
Over the next few days, I found the ache in the chest had subsided substantially but not completely. Deciding to change tack, I decided to use the visualisation as a straight meditation, without worrying about the heart chakra. I would sit on a lounge chair and briefly visualise my guru, then see the heavens opening up and pouring golden light down on me. This had a strongly uplifting effect, which increased as I visualised the light going into my head. As the light went through my brain, I experienced a strong sensation of holiness and said a prayer for general healing. I would maintain the visualisation for up to twenty minutes, during which time the sense of holiness was quite pronounced and often made me feel that I had been touched by God. By the end of the meditation I would be saying, "Thank you God, thank you God" over and over.  After practising this meditation for several days, the ache in my chest had cleared up completely.
This experience illustrates vividly some of the different ways that golden light can be used. I should say there were times when I tried using white light instead, but it kept turning into golden light of its own accord.
In using golden light, it is crucial to let the light do the work rather than for you to try to control what is going on. I have known people who used golden light, but who tried to direct and control it. The idea is simply to put the beam of light there and let it do the work, without trying to control it.

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