Tuesday, March 14, 2017


This technique came to me right out of the blue, when the subject of healing was not in my head at all. Suddenly it occurred to me, unbidden, that the way to get healing is to give thanks for having been healed as if you have already been healed. The way to do this is to utilise a very simple affirmation along the lines of: Thank you God for healing me. If you are not keen on God, use you can say Universe or the name of your spiritual teacher or guru if you have one, or anything else that you relate to. The technique is infinitely flexible and gives you plenty of scope to adapt it to your own belief system or outlook on life.
The beauty of this healing technique is that it can be used for emotional issues as well as physical. For example, anyone with a serious burden of guilt could receive emotional healing by saying Thank you God for forgiving me. Anyone with a serious fear issue could say Thank you God for healing my fear. And so on.
On one occasion, when I was using this affirmation in a very intensive way, I found myself experiencing the sense that I was in a state of mind where magic and alchemy take place. May you too have the experience of that state of mind.

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