Tuesday, March 14, 2017


In this site I aim to present and explain several forms of healing that any ordinary person can learn, without having to be psychic or possess any other weird and wonderful abilities. For purely physical health, I begin with the alkaline diet because I know from experience that it works and can have a profound affect on physical health.
After that, I move on to various forms of "spiritual healing" which are also effective and can be mastered by anyone. Most of them involve some form of meditation, ranging from visualisations to mantras and a form of affirmation. These techniques can be used for giving healing to yourself or to another person.
I also describe how to give a full session of hands-on healing to another person, as well as ways of utilising what could be called mind power.
If you acquaint yourself with the techniques described in this site, you can open yourself up to a whole world of healing you never knew existed. The best thing of all is that none of it depends on faith. You don't need faith for these techniques to work; all you need is an open mind. Neither do you need any particular gift or psychic abilities; I have restricted myself to forms of healing that anyone can learn.

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